Deer hunting Alberta**Attention Deer Hunters**

Do you have trouble concentrating because your thoughts are often disrupted by BIG DEER?

Are you giving the DEER more attention than you’re giving your spouse?

Well you may have a DISEASE, and here at Stricker Outfitter, we call this disease ‘DEERAHOLICITIS’.

It’s quite a common ailment, but have no worries because it often does more good than bad. For instance, it takes your mind off of business stress and can sometimes take your mind off of partying and chasing the opposite sex.

Stricker Outfitting can provide you with partial relief that you deserve, because WE have the BIG DEER that are constantly in your thoughts.


If you want to experience a great deer hunt and have a chance to harvest a BIG DEER here are some important points to consider:

  1. You need to go to where the BIG DEER live, and STRICKER has most likely the biggest deer available today, Whitetail or Mulie.
  2. You need to go to an area where the hunt pressure is low. STRICKER’S area is quite remote and has very little hunt pressure. We have had hunters that have seen few to no other hunters on their trip.
  3. You need to hunt in an area with good deer habitat; where there is habitat enough for those bucks to get old and mature – STRICKER’S area has that habitat. We hunt the famous Peace River country of Northwestern Alberta . We hunt where the woods and rivers meet the farmland; there are thousands and thousands of square miles of fantastic deer habitat, where these bucks can evaporate into and not be seen by any human for most of their lives.
  4. You need to hunt with an outfitter that has the deer expertise and who has deer savy. STRICKER has been in this game for 41 years and knows how to get his hunters in position to harvest these big bucks.
  5. You need to work with an outfitter that is honest and practices fair chase – STRICKER is your outfitter! Although there is no guarantee, we do guarantee that our past performance records are true and genuine.
  6. You need to check with recent references as the hunt’n world changes daily – STRICKER will supply you with plenty of recent references.
  7. We are hoping we can be a part of your next deer hunt and we hope that you will give STRICKER a shot at it. Thank You!

If you are a first time hunter or forgot your gear or need something special for your hunting trip, don’t worry. Deer hunting Alberta carries a large assortment of gear that we can lend to you free of charge. We have hunting blinds, camo jackets. binoculars, backpacks, sleeping bags, hip waders, coolers, cooking appliances and much, much more. If there is something special that you would like for your trip, please give us a call before you arrive and we will do our best to provide it for your trip. We aim to take make your hunting trip easy and tons of fun.

* Gear lists are on the bottom page of all White tail hunts and Mule hunts

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